.. I was just reading an article, posted online today, about President Obama’s reaction to North Korea and its nuclear tests.. and I was wondering.. why?!.. why a reaction?!

.. they’re down there – the Koreans – fucking up their land while testing nuclear devices in order to protect – or, more likely, attack (according to Western opinions) others – their country, interests and independence.. is that fucking illegal?!.. it seems quite obvious that any and all countries without a decent weapons arsenal, that cannot handle or defeat western powers – such as USA – will be blown to bits and dominated under the excuse of liberation and democracy.. take Afghanistan, for example.. the most recent one.. or Vietnam.. the list could go on forever.. I wonder, if I were to ask a citizen of that country for his or her opinion, would it be a pro-USA one?!.. I wonder.. anyway, what a country and its citizens do or destroy – without affecting others – is none of our business.. if the North Koreans want to kill each other, who am I to interfere?!..

.. as I was saying, Obama stated that the Korean nuclear testing and arsenal constitutes a provocation and a reaction will be considered and decided today.. again, why?!..

.. why is it that any other country – except the US or their allies – is not allowed to be fully armed and ready for battle?!.. let’s be honest.. Americans love war, they love fighting because they’re good at it.. since 1777 they’ve been at it constantly, even among themselves and have since constantly researched, developed and acquired state-of-the-art military and strategic weaponry.. that really doesn’t bother me.. I don’t wish for war, and I’m not trying to provoke it, so it’s totally useless and stupid – to me – to invest such huge amount of money, when people – lots of people – could benefit from that amount and have a better life.. so, I ask myself, why would a country invest that much in war, if it’s routing for peace?!.. I mean, come on, it is kinda redundant.. it’s like fucking for virginity..

.. nonetheless, it’s none of my business what the USA do with their budget.. if US citizens support that decision, it’s fine by me.. democracy in action.. so, I consider it only to be fair that any other country on the planet – ally of the US or not – to do the same (if it pleases them).. be it France, Germany, Russia or – in this case – North Korea.. I, for one, would feel threatened to find out my next door neighbor owns a 9mm and I’m stuck holding a flashlight.. wouldn’t you?!.. so, why would he have the right to accuse me of trying to attack him if I were to buy a 9mm as well?!.. truth be told, I’d like to be prepared in case the shit hits the fan!.. so, I can’t blame the Koreans for doing the same.. but it seems that President Obama has a different opinion.. and his opinion will be heard, not mine..

.. I must say, though, that this kind of behavior – and reaction – from world powers will surely lead to world conflict, and a future world war.. if you are prepared for war, but wish to avoid it, I suggest you stay calm in your own back yard and mind your own god damn business..


p.s. How should we, the people – regardless of race, color or creed – react to this?!


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