.. well, it happened.. hootsuite acquired seesmic this year, which in theory shoud have been good news.. not necessarily..

.. I had a Seesmic account, because their native app was really cool and useful.. as I recall, they also had a desktop app – one that hootsuite still refuses to develop, which is unproductive and annoying to any user – that worked quite nice.. all was well in my computers’ domain at that time, but once the acquisition was complete, things started to deteriorate..

.. I refuse to use hootsuite, although I tried.. it’s weird and somewhat complicated – that is, when it actually works – and the lack of desktop app doesn’t really help.. besides, I’ve been logging in for a week now and the same questions and windows constantly appear out of nowhere and bother me.. since I don’t own a smartphone, I have to ask – is there a mobile app for hootsuite?!.. if there is, I really hope that works..

.. the other day, when I turned on my laptop and logged into my mail account, there was quite a surprise from hootsuite..

.. I signed-up for a 60-day free trial of the hootsuite pro-features, and that time was about to expire, so hootsuite decided to send me a notice, a reminder.. 1443 of them, to be exact.. in my highschool day, this was called “flooding”, and to be fair I felt the need for a breath of air as I clicked away and worked on deleting every single e-mail..

.. as mad as I was, I contacted hootsuite via twitter, supposing that they were not aware of the problem.. it seems they were, and in short time I was provided with apologies and the promise of a solution in the shortest of time..

.. but, as future e-mail would show it, that is far from the truth.. I don’t know if someone from hootsuite is just bored and sending out e-mail.. I don’t know if these e-mails are written by other hootsuite or former seesmic users that were spammed, just like me – which is quite frankly disturbing, considering the possibility that so many online users have been provided with my e-mail address – but e-mails keep coming in, although I unsubscribed to any form of e-mail or newsletter – and this is really not funny.. and it’s unprofessional..

.. I am now actually glad for that 60-day free trial of the pro-services – even though it turned out to be a fiasco –  because after these “events”, there is no way I am paying hootsuite for any kind of “services”.. I’m sure I’ll be able to find an alternative and it would be quite recommended to do so, considering..



One thought on “HootSuite..

  1. The third party Twitter clients are a burning ship. This is the thanks the developers get for leveraging Twitter’s platform back in the day before the exponential growth in 2009. Stick to the official clients if you want a WTF-free experience. The recent oAuth token limit is their latest invention for screwing up ISV’s that may have based at least part of their business on Twitter’s API.


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