Cloud Graphics: Could Your Next Smartphone or PC Use a Virtual GPU?..


You’ve probably heard of OnLive, the cloud gaming service that was all the rage a few years ago, but which never really took off and suddenly came apart this August, when the company experienced a near-collapse that culminated in mass employee layoffs, the sale of the company and its CEO stepping down.

Whatever happens to OnLive or with rivals like Gaikai, the idea remains intriguing: Server-side gaming or productivity applications streamed to client-side desktops or thin clients, where all the processing is handled in the cloud. In the old mainframe vs. distributed computing battle, think of it as the mainframe model resurgent.

(MORE: Did Cloud Gaming Service OnLive Really Just Fire Its Entire Staff?)

Nvidia’s throwing its silicon hat in the cloud computing ring with something it’s calling a VGX or “virtualized graphics” card, available in high-end K2 or lower-end K1 models. The idea, Nvidia contends…

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