Why the fuck not..

.. after all this public awareness and social coverage, I was expecting the Internet to be a good or service distributed evenly and internationally, around the globe, without borders, limits or discrimination.. I was dissapointed..

.. it seems that my place of residence, my entire country is somewhat of a paria.. there have been numerous occasions when, trying to view a certain article, blog post or video file, my geographical location has transformed me into a non-desirable customer or viewer for the material at hand.. if this isn’t discrimination, i don’t know what is..

.. I mean, all the ads, links and e-commerce sites – be it from Romania or abroad – ar well intented to benefit and generate profit off of Romanian citizens every time they open their browsers.. but we can’t view a fuckin’ video file just because we are Romanian?!..

.. I thank the, Cartman, for your infinite wisdom.. to those who discriminate – fuck you all!..



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