.. a sad day, again.. after the diagnosis and death of Ronnie James Dio, i was fucking sad.. a great musician, vocalist and human being had died in a cruel way, eaten from the inside by cancerous cells.. the band that was on the rise – Heaven and Hell – parted, and his friends, although tough, moved on.. but now, I’m experiencing a deja vu..

.. I found out yesterday that Tony Iommi has been diagnosed with lymphoma – a type of cancer – and it struck me just like a hammer in the back of my head.. WTF?!?.. not again.. just as the original format of Black Sabbath reunited under the same roof, working on a new album and world tour, this had to happen.. don’t know if we’ll ever get to hear that album or see them on stage again.. at least, Tony.. but I sure hope we don’t lose a titan again, i hate the fact that I’ll have to tell my kids stories about these guys.. I’d sure love it if they could see them for themselves.. rock on, Tony..



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