Life & Death..

.. you know those days.. we all had at least one and hate them from the bottom of our little, black hearts.. those nerve crunching days when we must make one life or death decision.. one of those days that decides the course of your life from now on.. without exaggeration, this is one of those days for me..

.. no, I’m not a virgin.. I’m not going off to college.. I’m not buying my first car and I’m not getting married.. been there, done that.. they all hurt, but they’re in the past.. it’s simple: today i get to find out if I continue my PhD studies, or get expelled and move on..

.. well, yeah.. simply put, that’s what I’m going through these days.. but the story’s long and began about a year ago.. there is a lot to tell, and few good days to be happy about.. it seems nothing I do, or don’t do, is good enough.. there were arguments, anger, disappointment, depression and even the will to quit.. but if there is one thing I’ve learned in my 27 years is that I won’t let anyone break me.. so, this is it.. everything I know, read and studied this year is my weapon of choice for the day.. whoever likes it and agrees with me, fine.. the rest, have a nice life.. this is me, and I’m not about to change, whether you like it or not.. I tried to let myself be assimilated, part of the group, kind and respectful – even when the situation or person didn’t deserve it, or demand it – so, we’re back to the only way I like and go by – my way.. or the highway..

.. I’ll see you out there.. take care..



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