It seemed like it was going so well. The first date. Then the next date. Great conversation. Just seemed like an all around nice guy. Then it happened.

You had sex.

.. this is the beginning of an article i was reading on thesensualwoman ..

.. long story short.. those idiots were trying to find a solution, a way for the woman to prevent her fuck buddy to split as soon as the condom is filled.. or her mouth.. either way..  so, finding solutions to the problem by pointing out the mistakes made by the chick.. seems logical..

.. I’ve read “the mistakes”, and although they’re kinda real and often made.. not to mention irritating to any guy, or even woman, they’re bullshit..

.. wanna know why the guy left?.. it’s easy.. you slept with him on the first date, you bitch.. that’s stupid, desperate and lame.. you pick which you like better.. and don’t you dare say you did that for him, ’cause you liked him, ’cause we both know that’s bullshit.. you just wanted a good fuck.. which is ok, enjoy.. but why the fuck are you complaining he left after?!?..



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