Mike Mangini..

.. so, it’s out and official.. Mike Mangini is the new Dream Theater drummer.. I have to say, I watched the videos online – they are available in my youtube playlist – and he’s a good drummer, no doubt about it.. I personally would have chosen Minneman.. he puts a lot of passion and joy into his music, and that really counts, be it for the creative process or in the long run.. but that’s that, the guys made the call.. will he be able to fill in Mike’s shoes?.. i don’t know.. those shoes don’t fit anyone, that’s for sure..

.. I have to say, I’m a bit content they found a drummer they see fit, but I’m still sad about the whole thing.. I have my doubts, because, in my mind.. noone can play as better as M. Portnoy in Dream Theater, and I mean that.. it will never sound the same way – not the albums, not the live shows, not even the improvs.. the question for me is.. will I ever listen to Dream Theater again?.. we’ll just have to wait and check out the new album.. either way, a huge part of me and my childhood is gone, forever..



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