No sleep..

.. some of us don’t sleep because they have migraines.. some just have a lot on their mind.. others hate doing it or have a lot of work to do.. but think about it.. when was the last time you didn’t sleep?.. and for how long?.. how long have you ever been without sleep and why?..

.. I thought about that.. and realized that I had a lot of sleepless nights in college.. and I mean a lot….

.. I hate sleeping.. I think it’s a waste a time.. I only sleep when it’s a must.. I know it’s not really good for me, or healthy, but I always think I could do a lot more or something better with my time..

.. there was one time, during second year I think, when I went about 4 days without sleeping.. I had a project to prepare for my exams.. plus studying.. I remember finishing the project right the morning before, and falling asleep on my keyboard.. my mom woke me up to tell me to go to bed, but she didn’t know I had other things to do.. I got my coat, and ran out the door..

.. the project was ok, and I passed my exam.. tired as I was, I still managed to go out with the boys for a beer, to celebrate.. yes, that morning.. those were the good old days.. why the hell can’t we do it anymore?!?.. I think it’s because we don’t have to anymore..

.. still, I really hate myself when I’m sleepy.. that lack of energy and constant state that my battery is running low.. I guess you can’t always win.. but I’d still do it, only I have noone to do it with.. nowadays, sleepless people just tweet or check outt various facebook profiles, which is – at least – stupid..

.. so, if anyone gets bored or feels like having a cup of coffee at 4 o’clock in the morning, give me a sign.. meanwhile, I’m going back to my coffee and reading..



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