What does your birth date say about you?

My Quiz Result: Born on 7th
You have a shy but likable personality. You are a dependable person. You like stability and peace in your life. You are sincere in your work. When in love, you become very romantic and mushy. You like to lead a luxurious life. You are faithful towards your family and friends.

5 thoughts on “7th..

  1. Ma plagiezi da macar recunosti! Pentru asta.. for now ,las ouale pe mana lui CO, sunt sigura ca se ocupa de ele muuult mai bine decat as pute-o face eu. :))


  2. Interesant 🙂 Şi cred că ţi se potriveşte.
    Uite ce mi-a ieşit mie:
    Born on 19th
    You are attractive with an impeccable sense of dressing. You have more friends of the opposite sex than of your own. You are a jolly person with a great sense of humor. This is why people want to spend time with you. Someone will fall in love with you because of your enthusiastic, understanding and free-spirited nature. 😀


  3. @addicted eu recunoaste ca a gasit la tine, si a pus in aplicare la el pe blog.. dar eu te roaga tare insistent, lasa-mi ouale in pace, sa mi le vopseasca nevasta de pasti.. rosii.. cu ruj.. :))..


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