Smell my finger..

.. Smell my face ..

After performing oral sex on a female, the shouting of “Smell My Face” is permissable… Similar to the smelling of fingers after finger fucking; derived from rednecks post cunnilingus..

.. Morning finger ..

The smell of your finger(s) in the morning after you spent the last nightfingering a girl..

.. Belly button smell ..

Stick your finger in your belly button, give it a whiff… possibly the worstsmell in the world..

.. Bartlett ..

The act of sticking your finger up someone’s bum..

.. Finger tester ..

Getting a chance to dip into the honey pot and finding a way to casuallysmell your finger after dipping it in a woman’s vagina. A.K.A. Mr. finger tester..

.. Morose hole ..

When pressed for time and adequate cleansing of the rectal cavity is not warranted, this creates a mixture of sweat and fecal matter furthermore creating an itching and burning sensation in the asscrack that can last for multiple hours. when scratched this results in a variant of the stinkyfinger. this also can be a result of anal seepage..

.. Finger muffing ..

Giving your friend a sneak attack with your index and middle finger up his bum hole..

.. Polluted finger ..

The state your poor unsuspecting finger(s) may find itself in after you place it in an unwashed and soiled hairy clam for a finger party. Note it will smell suspicious and contaminated for hours/days, especially the next morning..

.. Gooch glide ..

The act of sliding the middle an index finger over the surface of the gooch after a sweaty day, and then smelling the foul odour that stenches the fingers..

.. Three-fingered hoop ..

A specific sexual act usually recieved by a female and given by a male. The three smaller fingers are inserted into the vagina while making a circular shape with the index finger and thumb..

.. Bag sniffer ..

When one person plays with their bag until their hands have a distinct sweaty balls bag odor and then this person places their fingers under the nostril of some tool or jackass. This tool or jackass is then called “bag sniffer”..

.. Hitler ..

To have some sort of horrible smell on ones fnger and to wipe it under the nose of the chosen victim, like a hitler mustache. the victim will then smell the horrible stench of something for hours..

.. Stinky toes ..

During foreplay its what one can get if they stick their toes in a butt or a womans vagina..

.. Stinky finger ..

  • The act of inserting your finger into some ones asshole after they have just taken a shit and didnt wipe..
  • The smell that remains on ones finger upon removal from a chicks ass..

.. Tomahawk ..

To swipe one’s index and middle finger in one’s sweaty ass crack or ball-bag crack and procede to smear it in an unsuspecting victims nose. Usually accompanied by tribal hoots and dancing..

.. Stink finger ..

Sticking your finger(s) in or around your anus, just enough to get a poop smell on it. Then, putting your “stink finger” up to someone else’s nose, forcing them to smell the poop..

.. Pootache ..

To insert ones finger in ones own anal orifice, and wipe said fingerunder opposing friends nose, resulting in opposing friend only being able to smell shit all day long..

.. Flower finger ..

After you secretly scratch your bare asshole you tell your friends how weird it is that your fingers smell like flowers. Then when they take a whiff, BAMO!, they get a first class sniff of what your ass smells like..

.. Whiffy finger ..

The smell on your finger when its been in the internal vacinity of a ladies nether garden..

.. Fingercheck ..

The mandatory act of nonchalantly sniffing ones finger after fingering a bitch’s pussy to make sure it doesn’t smell bad..

.. Pepsi challenge ..

A pepsi challenge is when a girl bends over in the doggie style position while you sit behind her so she cant see you. You then finger her with your index finger in the vagina and your pinky finger(or ring finger)in the butt-hole. After doing this for a minute or two, you take your fingers out and she must smell them to guess which finger was in which hole..


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