Them Crooked Vultures..

Them Crooked Vultures este albumul de studio de debut al super grupului american de hard rock Them Crooked Vultures, programat pentru lansare pe data de 17 noiembrie 2009. Albumul este produs de catre membri trupei, acestia fiind bateristul Dave Grohl (Foo FightersNirvana), vocalist si chitarist Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss) si la bass si keyboard John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin). Primul single de pe album, “New Fang” (Video), a fost lansat pe 26 octombrie 2009.

Track listing

Toate piesele au fost compuse de  Josh Homme, John Paul Jones si Dave Grohl.

Update: Intregul album poate fi ascultat pe Youtube. Auditie placuta.

# Title Length
1. “No One Loves Me & Neither Do I” 5:10
2. “Mind Eraser, No Chaser” 4:07
3. “New Fang” 3:49
4. “Dead End Friends” 3:15
5. “Elephants” 6:50
6. “Scumbag Blues” 4:26
7. “Bandoliers” 5:42
8. “Reptiles” 4:16
9. “Interlude with Ludes” 3:45
10. “Warsaw or the First Breath You Take After You Give Up” 7:50
11. “Caligulove” 4:55
12. “Gunman” 4:45
13. “Spinning in Daffodils” 7:28

Them Crooked Vultres – New Fang

New fang

No thing

Not on me

Took a break from the sucker

Now I want another

Stand up

Step aside

Open wide

Hangin out with mamma

’till they beat a drum

Want two?

Yes I do

Went along

Taking dopes

Getting gone for girls

Blue slips

Blood sex sweat

Can I go

I think it’s what I gotta know

Sometimes ya break a finger on the other hand

Think you got me confused for a better man

Sometimes you break the finger on the other hand

Say you’ve got me confused, ah

For a better man

No slack


Couldn’t quit

Guns slaps

As we take it back


Want a lift

flyin high

little time with my mind like a landmine


By the lake

Too much too young

Everybody gonna go along

Turn red

No show

Gotta let us so your gonna roll

Sometimes ya break a finger on the other hand

Said you’ve got me confused with a better man

Sometimes you break the finger on the other hand

I know you’ve got me confused

Don’t go, oh no

New fang pressing down low

No more waiting around for

New fang pressing down, ah

No more waiting around, ah

New fang

New fang

They gonna wait? No


New fang


They gonna wait no more


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