Dislocated Day..

.. m-am intors la radacini.. m-am reapucat de digerat greii progresivului.. mi s-a facut dor.. si nu imi vine sa cred de cand nu am ascultat unele piese.. ma enereaza cand chestiile triviale, zilnice – care sunt tot mai numerase – ma indeparteaza de chestiile cu adevarat importante si placute pentru mine.. Rush, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Genesis, Porcupine Tree.. lista lunga.. intre timp, va las cu baietii de la Porcupine.. enjoy.. rock on..


Porcupine Tree – Dislocated Day

A dislocated day
Peers in to the ether
Counts the stars inside the sky
And flies in to the never

Looped around my eyelids
A thousand shining flecks
Pale against the canvas
Which hangs around my neck

Dislocated day
I will find a way
To make you say
The name of your forgiver

Stood beside an inlet
A starfish leads a dance
It dreams it is a human
And falls into a trance

A hole inside my body
Is wired up to a charge
Chemical imbalance
Tells me who you are

Insects hide the silence
November brings deep rain
Between the flow to freezing
And yesterday’s sustain


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